Nestled in Henderson, Madeira Canyon presents an enviable blend of comfortable living, stunning natural vistas, and community-focused amenities. Experience a life of leisure and tranquility in this master-planned enclave, where elegance meets the warmth of a close-knit community.

Madeira Canyon in Henderson offers a lifestyle that’s rich in comfort and imbued with the stunning beauty of its surroundings. Set against the backdrop of the McCullough Range, this master-planned community invites you to enjoy an elegant lifestyle in a setting that’s serene and brimming with natural splendor. With diverse home styles to suit every preference, Madeira Canyon provides an ideal haven for those seeking both luxury and a deep connection with nature.

At Madeira Canyon, you’ll find a community that’s designed with an emphasis on quality of life. The neighborhood showcases a host of exceptional amenities, including fitness facilities, recreational areas, swimming pools, and tennis courts, all aimed at enhancing the resident lifestyle. Combined with a calendar filled with community events and activities, Madeira Canyon fosters an atmosphere of engagement and camaraderie among its residents.

Living in Madeira Canyon also means being part of a community that’s ideally positioned for both tranquility and convenience. The natural wonders of Sloan Canyon are within easy reach, while the excitement of Las Vegas is just a short drive away. Here, you can enjoy the calm of suburban living without sacrificing easy access to vibrant city life. At Madeira Canyon, you’ll find more than just a home – you’ll discover a lifestyle that’s as captivating as it is comfortable.


Madeira Canyon