Experience La Dolce Vita at Tuscany, Henderson

Welcome to Tuscany, a charming community that brings a slice of Italian living to the heart of Henderson. Here, a Mediterranean spirit dances through the sun-kissed streets, blending the warmth of Italian culture with the dynamic lifestyle of suburban Nevada.

Tuscany’s homes are a testament to elegance and comfort, offering a serene escape amid the bustling city. Lose yourself in our tranquil parks, savor the finest Italian-inspired dining, or explore exclusive shopping experiences in our local boutiques.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant community life at our top-tier facilities. Our well-equipped fitness centers, tranquil spas, and expansive parks offer the perfect mix of recreation and relaxation.

As night descends, Tuscany’s vibrant spirit is unveiled. With its eclectic mix of dining spots, lively bars, and entertainment venues, every evening promises a new adventure.

Step into a place where life is celebrated in all its glory. Experience la dolce vita, the sweet life, at Tuscany, Henderson.