December 24, 2022

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!

The joy of brightening other lives becomes more for us the magic of the holidays.

Christmas is here!! Merry Christmas… Happy Holidays… Happy Hanukkah… Whatever you celebrate, make it a good one with your friends and family!

I know may of you might have visitors coming to Vegas. I love to recommend food places for people who visit in Vegas! I’m going to recommend two right now!! One is called Vintner Grill, located in Summerlin. It’s a beautiful, unassuming restaurant in a business park. It’s a nice upscale dining. So make reservations!

If you want to see more of The Strip, the sights & sound… I also recommend a Javier’s located in the Aria Hotel & Casino. We had enchiladas… but they had chips & cheese dip! They have fresh ingredients as well! Javier’s a beautiful restaurant, nice vibe… and I recommend you make reservations.

But once again, Happy Holidays to you, your family!

Look below!! This week’s recipe is called Christmas Crack. It’s really popular, and it’s really a hit at every party! So enjoy it and make it for yourself or others!

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