Step into the world of real estate and hear what industry leaders have to say! Join the conversation with the host of a highly-anticipated podcast that delves into the latest trends, insights, and expert opinions from the forefront of the industry. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking to gain valuable knowledge and stay up-to-date on the ever-changing landscape of real estate. From new development to luxury homes, this show covers it all. Tune in and hear from the best in the business!

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Meet Diaz Luxe Group Team Owner & Host, John "JD" Diaz, a rising star in real estate known for delivering value & building relationships. Originally from San Diego, JD discovered a passion for real estate while working as a Marketing Manager. As a top-performer in new home sales, JD excelled in both new development & general real estate, leveraging social media to connect with current & prospective clients.

With a focus in exceptional customer service & client satisfaction, JD established his team as a leading force in luxury home sales. June 2022, JD & his team joined the prestigious Douglas Elliman of Nevada team, handpicked as the second hired agent. He recognized the untapped potential of Henderson, Nevada, what his team calls the "hidden gem" of Las Vegas, and quickly became the go-to agent in this burgeoning market.

With passion, an unwavering commitment and unstoppable drive, JD Diaz is making waves in the world of real estate.



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