October 15, 2022

I was featured in the Wall Street Journal!!

Why A Fresh Coat of Paint Could Mean More Money and a Quick Home Sale

With the shift in the current market (Seller Market -> Buyer Market), sellers need to do whatever they can in a cost effective way to stand out against their competition, other listings in your area. I was luckily enough to be interviewed by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on what sellers should do to make their home look better while not breaking the bank. 

There are several things you can do to boost your home, but the #1 thing you can do that buyers really appreciate is painting your home. And we are talking not only interior, but exterior as well. When your home is listed, potential buyers will scroll through the photos, and if your home looks clean and fresh from the first image, the likelihood of them continuing to scroll is exponentially greater. A fresh new coat of paint and trim makes your home stand out against the rest. That could ultimately be the deciding factor between two properties. 

When it comes to interior paint, you should always consult with your listing agent on what color schemes are popular and desirable. For a while now, gray and white tones were the rage. And as of late, we are starting to see blues and blacks. There will also be a shift in the market and also in design. So find out what that color is, and keep it simple and clean throughout the house. A fresh new paint job in the home will give the buyers a sense of cleanliness in the home. No scuffs, no problems is what we Iike to say. 

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