Property taxes can significantly impact your finances when buying a home. We explain what property taxes are, why they matter, and how to factor them into your home-buying decision. Gain a clear understanding of property taxes and make informed choices when buying a home.

Real estate contracts can be revoked in the state of Nevada, under certain circumstances. It’s important to understand why contracts can cancel to avoid potential losses and complications in the process.

There are several factors that contribute to the relatively lower cost of real estate in Las Vegas, like lower cost of living due to the city’s economy, the housing supply…

Hope you are having a great week and a great start to the new year! What’s happening here locally in the Las Vegas Market… as you know, the rates have been steadily increasing to combat inflation. The real estate market is completely slowed down on home buying and selling. It’s a great time for buyers […]

Happy Holidays


The joy of brightening other lives becomes more for us the magic of the holidays.

Ingredients Instructions Allow to rice krispies to cool, approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour. Cut and enjoy!

One of my favorite parts of working in the Real Estate Industry is networking. I love meeting new people in my industry locally, out of state, and from across the globe. I feel that I can share my experiences with people and I always can take information from others. Going to California is important for […]

Curious on how much home you can get at a certain price point in the Las Vegas Valley? Our new video series will showcase homes around the valley at various price points. We will walk-through the property in detail and describe the benefits of the home, the area and anything else we think would be […]