December 11, 2022

New Loan Limits + Din Tai Fung at the Aria

With the Nationwide inflation in homes and an in increase in home values… loan limits have increased as well! What does that mean for buyers?

If you didn’t know, the loan limit was at $420,000 with decent credit. Here in Vegas, $420,000 is a fantastic home okay. But recently, loan limits increased to $472,000. That’s a big fifty thousand dollars now! That’s a different style home all together… you go from a town home to a detached home at that point right.

You can borrow more money now because homes increase and that also goes for conventional loans. Before it was at $670,000… now it’s at $726,000.

We took the team out this past weekend to celebrate the year. What’s good about this when we go out is being able to experience Vegas too! As a local, you don’t go to The Strip often, but when you do… you really have a good time! And we did just that!!

We started our evening going to Din Tai Fung, a great Taiwanese restaurant that has dumplings and buns and hot stickers, pot stickers… everything! So you can try everything!! And that’s here in the Aria Hotel & Casino. It was fun!! What’s good about this place.. not only is that the Aria, which is a beautiful hotel casino, great ambiance… but they make it everything fresh! I mean it’s so fresh you can actually see them make them behind this glass. You see how it is so it goes from really making them, to your table, and of course into your belly. So it’s honestly super good!

Afterwards, we took the team to The Awakening… a new show Cirque du Soleil-like show at the Wynn Las Vegas. It’s a circular theater, the stage is in the middle with stadium seating down. It was cool, the stage is ridiculous… there’s a lot of movement, a lot of moving parts… you got dancing acrobatics, you got some singing involved… it’s just overwhelming & really cool overall experience.

After Awakening, we went to a place called La Cave in the Wynn. It’s a tapas restaurant with a really cool vibe, lounge vibes, and cool couches. Tapas meaning small plate, small portions. We went there for dessert for the most part, but it was awesome! We actually had one of each… amazing desserts… amazing time!!

It’s nice to go enjoy Vegas and also share our recommendations!

We have a great recipe for you below, so take a look for some cookies!! We’ll have a couple more
recipes to showcase throughout the month for the holiday spirit. Enjoy!!


View recipe here.

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