December 18, 2022

Top 5 Reasons Vegas Mornings are Better than Night

Can you believe we’re almost at the end of the year?

Wow, this year has gone by so fast! A lot of businesses saw a uptick in business since Covid, especially Airlines, travel, hotels, and airbnbs. I mean they rocked it this year because people wanted to get out and do things!

I have been going the strip more often recently, because it’s fun… and I’ve been invited from friends & family, gatherings and team parties. It reminds me that Vegas is so cool, and in our very own backyard!!

It made me realize that I love The Strip for various reasons!! But I really love The Strip in the morning!!

So watch the video below on the Top Five Reasons Vegas Mornings are Better than Night! It’s more family friendly and a couple other things… so take a look at the video let me know if you guys agree with me!

I wanted to say thank you of course we’re almost the holiday season! Stay safe and stay healthy! Enjoy the holidays with your friends and family and get ready for 2023!!

We all know about Vegas nightlife… you got the sights, the sounds, the Bellagio Fountains, drinking alcohol on the street… we all know about that, but I’m a morning person and I think Vegas Mornings (in my personal opinion) might be a BETTER than night.

I’m gonna give you my top five reasons why Vegas mornings are better than night.

1. Breakfast

You know I love food.. and I LOVE BREAKFAST! On The Strip, you have so many breakfast options. There’s the local cafe in the hotel itself, fine dining restaurants, or things you take to go. You have so many options! But breakfast is a staple here in Vegas… so find your top spots and I’ll share with you mine!

2. Walk the Strip with the Family

At night, people can get kind of rowdy drinking alcohol… so if you want to take your family to the strip, enjoy the strip and the festivities, sights and sounds… you can do in the morning! It’s a lot more open, more empty… you can the walk with your kids and show them everything without being bothered and a lot less people on The Strip.

3. Fitness! Take a run down the Strip!

People like to run up and down the strip. It’s a wonderful place to have a nice run in the morning. It’s about three miles up north and south on the Strip. So imagine running and seeing hotels on The Strip! Not a bad place! But every morning, pretty much from six to about nine o’clock, you’ll have runners up and down the street. Great place to do your morning fitness routines!

4. Discount Show Tickets

There are several companies on The Strip that sell discount tickets for shows. We have opportunity early risers to get tickets at a half price or bette on for any strip shows right. There are great comedy shows, Burlesque Shows here at the Venetian. But across the strip, they have a lot of show opportunities!

5. Visit the Shoppes

Shopping in the morning is super ideal if you’re looking to spend some money! You’re not bumping into people and getting lost in the shuffle.

That’s my top five reasons why morning Vegas is actually pretty I think better than at night. Let me know your thoughts!

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